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Explore the container adoption process

Before you decide on a container platform and management tool, learn more about the technology, the apps that run best in containers and ways to troubleshoot.

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Effectively troubleshoot vCPU issues

Performance problems can be caused by a number of things, including overprovisioning and poor vCPU selection and assignment to VMs. Use these strategies to correct mistakes.


Provision the ideal number of vCPUs to a VM

Think about what types of workloads are running on a VM before assigning compute resources, and consider using vCPUs from different cores for demanding workloads.


The ever-shrinking server farm

Higher solid-state drive capacity and CPU core counts are just a couple of the factors leading to the next wave of server consolidation. So, footprint plan accordingly.

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Server Virtualization Basics

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    Understand the impact of virtualization on processors

    Traditionally, CPUs used one thread and consisted of a single core, but now, they can be hyper-threaded, hold more cores and can be abstracted in virtual environments.

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    Xen is the open source hypervisor included in the Linux kernel and, as such, it is available in all Linux distributions.

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    VMware vRealize Suite

    VMware vRealize Suite, formerly called vCenter Operations Management Suite, is a software platform designed to help IT administrators build and manage heterogeneous, hybrid clouds.

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  • Open source virtualization

    Integration is a key part of the RHV 4.1 update

    Red Hat Virtualization 4.1 includes better integration with Ansible and CloudForms. Admins should get to know these and other RH products to better manage their environments.

  • Virtualization costs, licensing and support issues

    VMware triples the price tag of VCDX certification

    For the first time in years, VMware increased prices for its certifications -- and IT pros aren't thrilled with how much more they'll have to pay for the VCDX certification, in particular.

  • Network virtualization

    NSX not just for vSphere anymore

    As its NSX virtual networking software gains traction on vSphere, VMware puts more muscle behind a version designed for non-vSphere environments.