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VVOLs adoption is ready to grow after not meeting hype

VVOLs' low adoption rates lie in overhyped expectations and the risk-averse nature of enterprise IT. The problem it solves is still a pain point, however, so expect growth.

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Regain control and migrate applications out of the cloud

In the cloud frenzy, it's easy to lose sight of what to do if the cloud doesn't work. With time, patience and cost planning, administrators can migrate applications back on premises.


Automatically install VMs with virt-install

Learn the basics of virt-install, including standard use cases, executing it on CentOS 7, different command-line options and the creation of kickstart files.


Test your knowledge of the RHV platform

The Red Hat Virtualization platform can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. Take this quiz on RHV pricing, updates and functionality to see if you know your stuff.

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    What's new in VMware NSX-T?

    With the recent release of VMware NSX-T 2.0, and 2.1 on the horizon, customers are starting to take note of security improvements, new features and functionality.

  • Virtual machine performance management

    New HCI benchmark standardizes performance testing

    In this Q&A, Reza Taheri, chairman of the TPCx-HCI committee, talks about the process for developing the new benchmark and outlines application performance testing.

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    VMware's open source embrace: Q&A with Dirk Hohndel

    VMware talked the talk about open source, but now it's walking the walk. Dirk Hohndel, VMware's open source advocate, talks about VMware's embrace of the open source world.