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Organize host groups for better virtual housekeeping

Use these strategies for grouping virtualization host servers to make sure your data center stays organized and easy to manage.

You're not still using Windows Server 2003, are you?

Windows Server 2003 was a reliable and stable choice for a virtual infrastructure -- more than 10 years ago. If you’re still using it today, you’ve let your company down.


Better physical to virtual migrations

Physical to virtual migrations are largely wizard-driven these days, but there are some key prep tasks you can do to make them even better.


Security policy for VMs in Hyper-V switch

There are options available for isolating a group of virtual machines inside a Hyper-V virtual switch to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic.

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  • VMware conference coverage

    IT gets some desired features in vSphere 6

    VMware didn’t release a new version of vSphere, yet IT pros are encouraged at vSphere 6’s upcoming features, including long distance vMotion.

  • VMware conference coverage

    SDDC tools show enterprise growth

    IT pros’ interest in software-defined data centers continues to grow as tools, such as VMware’s EVO:RAIL, offers IT an effective small business option.

  • VMware conference coverage

    VMware makes its biggest SDDC push yet

    VMware is going hard core to convince IT shops to move toward software-defined data centers and away from hardware-oriented data centers. But will its latest offerings debuting at VMworld this week make them true believers?