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Adopt a hybrid cloud computing environment to cut costs

Cloud service providers and in-house options both have pros and cons, so a hybrid cloud approach could be the right fit.


The differences between Hyper-V virtual controllers

Even though the SCSI and IDE virtual controllers both host virtual hard disks, their different features and support numbers make them right for different situations.


How difficult is it to move a VM to the public cloud?

Migrating a VM to a public cloud is seldom easy. Cloud migrations are often fraught with unexpected challenges and support or compatibility issues.

Why are admins reluctant to switch to a hybrid cloud?

The hybrid cloud approach can help cut costs in numerous ways but there are still businesses that are reluctant to make the jump.

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    VMware Project Lightwave

    VMware Project Lightwave is an open source project designed to improve container security and access control.

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    VMware Project Photon

    VMware Project Photon is an open source project developed by VMware as a lightweight operating system for containers.

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    What are the newest Hyper-V Replica features?

    Microsoft updated its Hyper-V Replica feature for Windows Server 2012 R2, but do you know how these changes can affect your RTO and recovery options?

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