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Understanding App-V basics

Application virtualization improves centralized control of complex applications without endpoint installation and management hassles.


The transformative power of network virtualization

With the advent of NFV, IT managers are finding new ways to improve data center networking.

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Getting the most out of Hyper-V with Enhanced Session Mode

Windows Server 2012 R2's Hyper-V Enhanced Session Mode sets itself apart from standard sessions by offering users a richer overall experience.


IT managers use SDN to boost data center agility

Following the lead of hyperscale providers like Google and Amazon, IT managers employ software-defined network controllers to meet the requirements of monolithic applications.

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Server Virtualization Basics

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    VMware vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC)

    VMware vSphere Integrated Containers allow an administrator to deploy and manage containers alongside their traditional VMs in vSphere.

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    LXD (Linux container hypervisor)

    LXD is an open source project founded by Canonical that aims to provide a hypervisor-like set of tools to manage Linux containers.

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    Open Container Initiative

    The Open Container Initiative, formerly known as the Open Container Project, is a Linux Foundation project designed to establish common open standards for container platforms.

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