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What the virtualization world was talking about in 2014

NSX networking virtualization was one of the most talked about subjects in 2014, along with software-defined data centers and hyper-converged infrastructures. Here are the top virtualization tips of 2014.

2015 server virtualization predictions

What’s in store for server virtualization next year? This month, we’re asking our Advisory Board members for their 2015 predictions.


IT vendors going from partners to competitors

One day two companies are working together. The next, they are competing at the same level. Coopetition can create a virtualization soap opera.


The top virtualization definitions of 2014

2014 is coming to a close, but there were plenty of product and technology definitions that stood out this year, including 'vRealize,' 'containers' and more.

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Server Virtualization Basics

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    Advantages and limitations of hyperconverged products

    A hyperconverged infrastructure has some obvious advantages for virtual data centers, but it may not be a fit for every business.

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    KSM (kernel samepage merging)

    KSM (kernel samepage merging) is a Linux kernel feature that allows the KVM hypervisor to share identical memory pages among different process or virtual machines on the same server.

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    Type 2 hypervisor (hosted hypervisor)

    A Type 2 hypervisor, also known as a hosted hypervisor, is a virtual machine manager that installs on top of a host's operating system (OS). 

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  • VMware virtualization

    VMware users get Docker container support

    Many view Docker containers as a competitor to VMware, but the virtualization giant now supports it along with other container technologies.

  • VMware conference coverage

    IT gets some desired features in vSphere 6

    VMware didn’t release a new version of vSphere, yet IT pros are encouraged at vSphere 6’s upcoming features, including long distance vMotion.

  • VMware conference coverage

    SDDC tools show enterprise growth

    IT pros’ interest in software-defined data centers continues to grow as tools, such as VMware’s EVO:RAIL, offers IT an effective small business option.