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Reconsider your data center update

Before you rush to replace servers with more of the same, consider your organization's long-term goals and whether a move to the cloud might be the better option.


Perform Hyper-V checkpoint tasks with PowerShell

With just a PowerShell cmdlet or two, you can create Hyper-V checkpoints, get a list of all existing checkpoints for a VM or revert a VM to a specific checkpoint.


Applications good for container-based deployment

Cleanly divided and straightforward applications are good candidates for a container-based deployment, whereas complex applications pose more challenges.


Don't count out open source Xen just yet

Under guidance of the Linux Foundation, the Xen project lives on as the hypervisor supporting major cloud providers and enterprises.

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Server Virtualization Basics

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    virtual hard drive

    A virtual hard drive file is a container file that acts similar to a physical hard drive.

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    Best of VMworld 2017 US Awards' official rules

    Read the updated rules, criteria and categories for the Best of VMworld 2017 US Awards to find out what the requirements are for each product nomination.

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    Should you move in-house VMs to Microsoft Azure?

    Migrating in-house VMs to Microsoft Azure ensures availability, but there are limits to subscriptions and storage that you need to consider before choosing Azure instances.

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  • Open source virtualization

    Integration is a key part of the RHV 4.1 update

    Red Hat Virtualization 4.1 includes better integration with Ansible and CloudForms. Admins should get to know these and other RH products to better manage their environments.

  • Virtualization costs, licensing and support issues

    VMware triples the price tag of VCDX certification

    For the first time in years, VMware increased prices for its certifications -- and IT pros aren't thrilled with how much more they'll have to pay for the VCDX certification, in particular.

  • Network virtualization

    NSX not just for vSphere anymore

    As its NSX virtual networking software gains traction on vSphere, VMware puts more muscle behind a version designed for non-vSphere environments.