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June 2007

  • New open source business models based on Xen

    Editor: This is a post by Simon Crosby, Xen Project leader. In the first sentences he refers to a previous blog posting on this site. I wanted to re-phrase some key points from my blog posting of ...

  • Software licensing needs clarity for virtualization

    Virtualization is being used in 25% of data centers today, but few software vendors have spelled out licensing policies for running their products in virtual machines.

  • Have iSCSI SAN, will virtualize

    Marrying iSCSI, Fibre Channel SANs (Storage Area Networks) and virtual machines (VMs) can bring networked storage to your virtual environment. Read about the pros (VMware's enhancements) and cons (...

  • Can VMware, Xen, Microsoft match newbies' innovations?

    Newbies innotek, Qumranet and Parallels recently entered the virtualization arena. But can they compete against VMware, Xen and Microsoft?

  • Xen virtualization will catch up to VMware in 2008

    Today VMware dominates in virtualization and server consolidation, but Xen virtualization technologies and products will change that by 2008, predicts Burton Group analyst Chris Wolf. Wolf sees big...

  • Monitoring physical and virtual environments -- IT best practices

    How to monitor your virtual machines and host computers in a production environment.

  • Virtualization on your iPhone?

    No, Apple hasn't made any announcements about virtualization for the iPhone, but all this reporting about VMware ESX Lite jogged my memory of a conversation I had recently with XenSource CTO and ...

  • Why the eGenera Patent is Dangerous

    Virtualization.info, Gridtoday, the eGenera website, and a lot of other sources reported that eGenera has received a patent for an all-in-one N+1 tiered disaster recovery solution that combines ...

  • The End of the Appliance As We Know It, And I Feel Fine

    I am writing this little op-ed piece in lieu of a full-blown obituary. Why? the market speaketh, and it declared hardware-based appliances dead. Like dinosaur-dead, dead. Sure, some of the ...

  • Managing Microsoft Virtual Server performance

    Microsoft Virtual Server provides two ways for managing the priorities of virtual machines: weight-based and constraint-based resource allocation. This screencast provides a live demonstration of h...

  • Get a VMware job and increase your salary by 115%

    Alessandro Perilli, SearchServerVirtualization.com contributor and owner of virtualization.info, has a fantastic virtualization-related jobs section on his site. At the time of this post positions ...

  • Servers and consolidation

    Consolidation affects server management and expert Andrew Kutz will tell you why in this expert response.

  • Tools for consolidation

    Need help finding tools to consolidate your data center? Andrew Kutz has you covered in this expert response.

  • Consolidation security issues

    When consolidating your data center security issues are bound to pop up. Site expert Andrew Kutz addresses this issue in this expert response.

  • iSCSI, fibre channels and virtualization

    Site expert James Geis gives his opinion on whether or not iSCSI is truly ready for virtualization deployments in this expert response.

  • IBM extends Virtualization Manager for Power6 servers

    IBM has extended the range of platforms Virtualization Manager supports, plus added tools to tame virtual sprawl.

  • Linux users: Xen, VMware, or Virtual Server?

    In Monday's newsletter column, I included a question to our Linux users: Do you prefer Xen, VMware or Virtual Server, and why? It's only Monday afternoon, but I've gotten some interesting ...

  • Virtualization community responds to ESX Lite rumor

    In case you missed it, SearchServerVirtualization.com reported last week that VMware is developing an embedded "ESX Lite" hypervisor. And while VMware may have opted not to comment about it, the ...

  • VMware prepping embedded 'ESX Lite' hypervisor

    VMware is working on an embedded version of its virtualization hypervisor that may make its first appearance in Dell 'Project Hybrid' blades later this year.

  • Nat Friedman: Swing toward desktop virtualization favors Linux

    In the past six months, every single IT exec or manager who discusses Linux desktops in a corporate setting with Nat Friedman asks about thin-client enviroments. That's why Friedman -- co-creator ...