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December 2008

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure with Sun Ray 2 devices

    The Sun Ray 2 series of physical client devices allows you to manage bandwidth, support multimedia and gives you options for peripheral connectivity in a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) at a c...

  • Virtual to virtual (V2V)

    Virtual to virtual (V2V) is a term that refers to the migration of an operating system (OS), application programs and data from a virtual machine or disk partition to another virtual machine or dis...

  • Microsoft's VMware assault: New Citrix management tools for Hyper-V

    Citrix is due to release a suite of management tools for Microsoft Hyper-V that can compete with the sophistication of VMware Virtual Infrastructure and address a void in Hyper-V.

  • Capacity planning for virtual environments

    Effective virtual environment capacity planning requires taking inventory of applications, allocating computing power and organizing disaster recovery resources. An expert outlines capacity plannin...

  • VMware loses to Citrix on fault tolerance

    To minimize application downtime with everRun's fault-tolerance software, the Sullivan Group defected from VMware Server to Citrix XenServer.

  • Virtualization challenges: Integrating physical and virtual components

    A network admin sounds off on his company's recent virtualization project and how integrating the physical parts of its infrastructure with the virtual components presented some challenges.

  • Hyper-V and PerfMon: Even more useful counters

    In addition to measuring processing power, Hyper-V's PerfMon counters can also monitor root partitions, memory use and virtual machine networking to help enhance performance management in your virt...

  • Citrix XenDesktop? Thanks, but no thanks, firm says

    Faced with a choice between published applications on Citrix XenApp and hosted desktops based on XenDesktop VDI, Bimba Manufacturing opted to stick with the devil it knew.

  • Hyper-V and PerfMon: Not your usual processor counters

    If you want to monitor virtual machine performance on a Hyper-V platform, you'll need to learn about the differences of Hyper-V's PerfMon counters. An expert explains their distinguishing features ...

  • VMware: We are not an island

    This week, when VMware announced its partnership with Hewlett-Packard to integrate its Lab Manager with HP’s Business Technology Optimization software, more specifically, HP Operations ...

  • Eight critical tasks to complete after server virtualization

    Physical server virtualization isn't the end of a virtualization project. These eight critical postvirtualization tasks, including host server patching, monitoring virtual machine sprawl and explor...

  • Internal vs. external guest virtual machine storage

    What's the best option for guest virtual machine storage: internal VM storage with Virtual Machine Disk Formats, or VMDKs, or external VM storage with iSCSI? An expert weighs the pros and cons of b...

  • Symantec clusters VMware vCenter for high availability

    Most VMware shops opt for lesser degrees of high availability than that offered by Symantec's Veritas Cluster Server (VCS), but the new VCS agent for vCenter could appeal to large enterprises.

  • HP struts its desktop virtualization stuff with Virtual Client Essentials

    By slashing the price, HP hopes virtual desktop infrastructure-bound shops will use its sophisticated RGS protocol to deliver remote desktops. HP will also offer a free but enhanced version of RDP.

  • Improving virtual system management

    Solid virtual systems management can reduce downtime and improve an environment's productivity. An expert outlines the benefits of automated provisioning as well as configuration and performance ma...

  • Virtual appliances: What goes up can also come down

    Let's face it: Spam filters are usually asked to do more, not less. But when McColo's ISPs shut off its Internet service last month, sending global spam volumes plummeting, a lot of spam filtering ...

  • PlateSpin strives for virtualization management breadth

    With new security, backup and recovery, and management features under its belt, Novell's PlateSpin strives to become platform agnostic.

  • Virtual desktops: Do your own math

    We can talk until we're blue in the face about universal clients, ubiquitous data access and streamlined image management, but ultimately the question of whether virtual desktops make sense comes ...

  • Securing virtual environments: Three considerations

    If you approach virtual environment security by viewing elements such as a hypervisor and management applications in isolation, you invite breaches and risk. This tip outlines three common risks to...

  • With View 3, VMware moves VDI a few steps forward

    VMware's View 3 VDI suite has several notable features. But virtual desktop infrastructure remains an immature technology, one observer says.