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February 2011

  • Preventing under-the-radar attacks with virtual network security

    Virtual network security remains a problem for many admins, often because they’re not using the right tools. Virtual networks require VM protection from the inside.

  • VMware changes its Hyper-V tune

    We learned yesterday that VMware will offer Hyper-V management with a new experimental vCenter plug-in, XVP Manager. This release contradicts everything VMware has said about multi-hypervisor ...

  • VMware manages Hyper-V with new XVP 'fling'

    Speculation that VMware will support Hyper-V has become reality. A so-called "fling" that lets vCenter manage Hyper-V hosts and virtual machines (VMs) is now available for download on the VMware ...

  • Virtualization certs valuable, others not so much

    Virtualization skills are in high demand, and their value is only going to increase. Foote Partners' IT Skills and Certifications Hot Lists Forecast report indicates that only 29 out of 225 ...

  • Is the virtualization hypervisor a commodity?

    In server virtualization, the hypervisor makes the magic happen. But now that virtualization is so ubiquitous, is the hypervisor a commodity? Our advisory board members weigh in.

  • VCloud Director no shoo-in for VMware Lab Manager shops

    VCloud Director has been positioned as a replacement for VMware’s test and development offering, Lab Manager. But experts say VMware has cut bait on lab management and set out for a larger catch in...

  • Pooling endpoint virtualization VMs based on resource requirements

    Endpoint virtualization adoption is growing, but there are a few nuances to understand about the process. You can group endpoint virtualization VMs based on resource requirements.

  • Server virtualization tutorials

    SearchServerVirtualization.com’s tutorials provide information covering all areas of server virtualization, such as virtualization platforms, server hardware, managing virtual environments, virtual...

  • Antivirus for virtualization: Coming out of the Dark Ages?

    Even though server virtualization continues to evolve, it seems like antivirus software for virtual infrastructures is stuck in the past. Traditionally, to protect against malware and viruses, ...

  • New VMware product review

    Miss the recent news about VMware vSphere 5, View 4.6 and vCloud Connector? This podcast has all the details on these new VMware products.

  • VM backup methods for quick VM recovery

    Some VM backup methods offer quicker restores than others. With these two approaches, you can have VM recovery in just a few minutes, even for terabyte-sized servers.

  • VMware realizes cloud talk is cheap

    VMware is making the switch from a virtualization company to a cloud company, and they want customers to come along for the ride. New products and services are finally making that a possibility. ...

  • Virtualization grows despite management hurdles

    Organizations are virtualizing more mission-critical applications and using more tools to manage their infrastructures. That's according to the results of Gabriel Consulting Group (GCG)'s 2010 x86 ...

  • Virtual desktops: A server admin’s guide

    Virtual desktops can solve some specific IT problems, but it’s a very different game than server virtualization. We break down desktop virtualization technology and its use cases.

  • Navigating the converged infrastructure hype cycle

    Does the reality of converged infrastructure products, such as the Vblock and FlexPod, live up to the hype? Our columnist shares his hands-on experiences.

  • Virtualization security: How vulnerable is your hypervisor?

    Choosing the right hypervisor for your infrastructure is not only critical for deployment and management purposes, but it also comes into play with virtualization security.

  • Infoblox connects IP address management with vCenter

    A new product called IPAM Insight pulls in information from vCenter to give users a unified view of the Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks in virtualized environments.

  • Two construction models for endpoint virtualization

    There are two ways to construct end-user virtual machines for endpoint virtualization. Persistent and volatile VMs have different management, service and storage requirements.

  • Sharing the love for virtualization

    Congratulations to Dave Claussen, winner of our Valentine's Day virtualization poetry contest. Here's his winning entry: Roses are red I like iced tea How long before They virtualize me? We also ...

  • Windows VSS virtual machine backup strategies: Hyper-V vs. VMware

    For a strong virtual machine backup strategy, Windows VSS must 'play nice' with other host components. But it works differently in VMware and Hyper-V environments.