Server Virtualization Experts to answer your questions

Ask The Server Virtualization Expert: Meet the Experts

  • Jason Helmick

    Jason Helmick

    Jason Helmick is a 25-year IT veteran and currently a Senior Technologist at Concentrated Tech.

  • Brian Kirsch

    Brian Kirsch

    Brian Kirsch is an IT Architect and Instructor at Milwaukee Area Technical College, focusing primarily on the virtualization/storage environments.

  • Sander van Vugt

    Sander van Vugt

    Sander van Vugt is an independent trainer and consultant in the Netherlands. Van Vugt is an expert in Linux high availability, virtualization and performance. Sander is a regular speaker at Linux conferences. He also writes Linux-related books.

  • Brien Posey

    Brien Posey

  • Jack Kaiser

    Jack Kaiser

  • Christian Mohn

    Christian Mohn

  • Maish Saidel-Keesing

    Maish Saidel-Keesing

  • Mark Vaughn

    Mark Vaughn