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April 2009, Vol. 9

Hyper-V vs. VMware: Which is cheaper?

Microsoft claims that Hyper-V is cheaper than VMware . But there are several hidden costs that, depending on the user scenario, may make VMware the more cost-effective option, analysts and users say. Microsoft touts Hyper-V as a lower-priced virtualization option than VMware's ESXi, but for straight server consolidation, it's unclear whether Hyper-V is that much cheaper than VMware because of Hyper-V's system requirements and lower consolidation ratios. For more on pricing and virtualization features: Virtualization pricing wars: The future of VMware, Hyper-V and Xen Virtualization pricing news you can use Assessing Hyper-V's benefits, limitations   Management features aside, VMware boasts higher consolidation ratios than does Hyper-V and can run on older CPU models, while Hyper-V runs only on the latest -- and most expensive -- CPUs with virtualization-assist technology, and it uses more physical memory per virtual machine than ESX. IT managers who want to figure out the ROI they can achieve from using virtualization for server...

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