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June 2009, Vol. 11

Eight critical tasks to complete after server virtualization

If you've recently consolidated and virtualized your physical servers, you may think that the worst is behind you and that your data center is vastly more efficient. In a perfect world, this would be the case. However, there are things that demand attention upon completion, such as backup and prevention of VM sprawl, to ensure that your virtual environment remains healthy and secure. In this tip, I'll explain eight specific tasks that should be undertaken directly following the completion of a virtualization project in your infrastructure. Eight must-do tasks after implementing virtualization 1. First off, you should dispose of all the old physical servers that you no longer need. Chances are the reason you virtualized in the first place was to reduce power and cooling costs, so why keep the root of those problems lying around? Resist the temptation to use them for other things, as that defeats the purpose of virtualization. Unplug them, take them out of the racks and call someone to haul them off. That being said, you might ...

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