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November 2009, Vol. 16

Virtual host maintenance and enhancement strategies

Ongoing maintenance and upgrades to host systems can be a challenge to the virtualization administrator. Making significant changes to a virtual environment is a tactical process that requires planning Whether its the additional storage or enhancements to virtualization platform operating systems, this tip offers a managed upgrade strategy for eventless implementations. The system landscape is always in a state of flux. Changed your mind on your storage connectivity, or added network interfaces for additional connectivity? Increased memory on your host systems, or rethought your virtual machine provisioning process? The dynamics of system administration are multiplied by virtual machines (VMs). What makes virtual environments unique is that their scope is increased from the host system perspective. In my environment, each virtual host system currently houses around 25 virtual machines. Therefore, if maintenance is required on a host system, accommodations need to be made for those systems. Migrating virtual machines to other ...

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