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August 2012, Vol. 40

Top desktop virtualization and DaaS strategies for the enterprise

In the latest edition of Virtual Data Center, get your toughest Desktop as a Service (DaaS) questions answered by experts. Learn how desktop virtualization and DaaS can make desktop administration less time-consuming and help reduce your overall IT budget. Explore why even though DaaS is a hot technology, there are still many reasons why enterprise adoption isn't widespread. Finally, in our desktop virtualization comparison, learn about VDI vs. Remote Desktop Services. We'll help you choose the best technology for your shop, and you'll learn about the pros and cons of each.

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  • Converging at VMworld

    by  Christine Cignoli

    As VMware’s VMworld 2012 show approaches, we’re hearing about vSphere 5.1 features, company acquisitions and the big news of VMware CEO Paul Maritz’s departure.