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August 2009, Vol. 13

Hypervisors: Which is right for you?

Hypervisors and the workloads they virtualize allow organizations to make more effective use of hardware. When organizations began to discover that they were running workloads on physical servers with less than 15% utilization, they began turning to server virtualization hypervisors to increase the utilization levels of their physical servers to 80% or more. More on hypervisors VirtualBox hypervisor part of Oracle roadmap Parallels aims bare-metal virtualization hypervisor at cloud Smartphone hypervisors: What's the use?  A physical server running multiple virtual workloads -- usually 10, 20, 30 or more virtual workloads per physical server -- provides a more efficient utilization model and supports the concept of a green data center. The magic that makes server virtualization possible is a small piece of code called a hypervisor -- a tool that exposes hardware resources to support the operation of multiple virtual machines (VMs), which are operating system instances that are designed to share resources such as CPU cores, RAM, ...

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