Server Virtualization Operations-Management:


Part two of the storage and virtualization All-in-One Guide offers tips, expert advice and a PDF download about storage management in virtual environments. Learn how to avoid storage-related bottlenecks and more.

How to estimate storage capacity requirements:

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  • Managing storage in virtual environments: Operational considerations

    Tip -  From an operational perspective, implementing server virtualization technologies into a storage solution will present new challenges in several areas. In this tip, Chris Wolf sheds light on those issues and mentions a few companies that are working to...

  • Mitigating storage management pain points in virtual environments

    Tip -  Get the scoop on storage-for-virtualization products from VMware, Symantec, IBM and others. Find out about issues, such as Input/Output (I/O) performance, backup, disaster recovery and managing with virtual machines (VMs).

  • Storage management in virtual environments

    Tip -  Consolidating workloads onto virtual servers can increase performance, but a poorly executed strategy will only augment your storage management woes. This tip helps you keep your strategy on track by outlining how to estimate capacity needs, assign...