Server Virtualization Advisory Board

Server Virtualization Advisory Board

The Server Virtualization Advisory Board consists of systems administrators and consultants who specialize in server virtualization technology.

These experts will help us focus our news coverage and expert tips on the topics that are most important to you, our readers. And every month, members of the Server Virtualization Advisory Board will weigh in on a hot topic in the market.

Take a few minutes to meet the members of the Server Virtualization Advisory Board, and check out their takes on the questions below.

Table of contents:

This month's advisory board question

Will VMware NSX polarize or unite server and networking teams?
We’ve been told the software-defined data center is the future of the IT industry. To achieve that future, however, server, storage and networking teams must work together. After VMware showed off its new NSX utility at VMworld 2013, we asked our Advisory Board whether the tool would break down team barriers, or fortify them.

Previous advisory board questions

Will open source hypervisors ever be popular among enterprises?
Smaller budgets may be forcing IT departments to do more with less, but few departments have turned to open source hypervisors to save money. What’s preventing adoption rates from increasing? We asked our Advisory Board members for their opinion.

Expert predictions for what to expect at VMworld 2013
Product releases? Acquisition announcements? What does this year’s VMworld have in store? Having seen many conferences over the years, our Advisory Board gave us their predictions.

Buying the next generation of hardware for virtualization
As more vendors ship servers with increased memory, storage and computing power, as well as built-in capabilities for virtualization, we asked our Advisory Board for their opinions on the future of hardware for virtualization. From examining the RAM and I/O of servers, to eliminating hardware altogether, read what they have to say.

Strike a common-sense balance when deciding what to automate
Automation attracts many IT pros with its promises to free you from tedious, repetitive tasks. But perhaps the bigger benefit is the dramatic reduction in human error. Automation does not free you from all administrative duties, however, and for some smaller organizations, automation may be more trouble than it's worth. To find out how, what and when to automate, we turned to our Advisory Board.

How do you know if your business needs to build a private cloud?
The cloud is now a well-known buzzword even outside of IT circles, and vendors continue to hype their cloud management tools. A private cloud deployment may seem inevitable to many admins managing virtual data centers. Before you rush into any decisions, read what our Advisory Board has to say about which organizations stand to benefit from a private cloud.