Capacity planning for virtualization

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  • Virtualization management challenges

    Virtualization admins' top concern is no longer choosing a hypervisor -- it's choosing the right tools that will help with management, improve VM performance and make capacity prediction a less painful process. This chapter explains the latest challe... 

  • VM management and capacity prediction

    As hypervisor features have become more similar, the next vendor battleground will be over management software. Microsoft and VMware have similar capabilities, and now they'll look to make their products stand out by touting their management tools an... 

  • memory paging

    Memory paging is a memory management technique for controlling how a computer's memory resources are shared. 

  • PlateSpin

    PlateSpin is a company that provides tools to help with server virtualization, including physical-to-virtual migrations and server workload management.  

  • virtual file system (VFS)

    A virtual file system (VFS) is programming that forms an interface between an operating system's kernel and a more concrete file system.  

  • memory ballooning

    Memory ballooning is a virtual memory management technique used to free unused memory. 

  • virtual storage appliance (VSA)

    A virtual storage appliance (VSA) is a storage controller that runs on a virtual machine(VM) to create shared storage without the cost of additional hardware.  

  • IT showback

    An IT showback system tracks the data center utilization rates of an organization’s business units or end users. IT showback is similar to IT chargeback, but the metrics are for informational purposes only, and no one is billed. 

  • virtualization

    Virtualization is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resources. There are three areas of IT where virtualization is making headroads, network virtual... 

About Capacity planning for virtualization

As you expand a server virtualization deployment, your server capacity planning and resource allocation challenges are bound to become increasingly complex. How do you decide which workloads to allocate virtual machines (VMs), how do you measure these workloads in an increasingly mobile, dynamic and virtualized environment, and which server capacity planning tools can help you set policies to reallocate these workloads, load-balance VMs, and automate what are frequently manual processes? In this section on capacity planning for virtualization, we offer news, research and tutorials on using capacity planning tools in your virtualized environment and break down how to use virtual server capacity planning tools to relieve your organization from fire-fighting mode and move it into proactive, long-term planning mode for your virtualized deployments.