Citrix XenServer

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  • physical block device (PBD)

    In a Citrix XenServer, a physical block device (PBD) is a connector object that represents the interface between a physical host and an attached storage repository. 

  • Xen

    Xen is an open source virtual machine monitor for x86-compatible computers. Xen makes it possible for multiple guest operating systems to run on a single computer by using a software layer called a hypervisor to mediate access to the real hardware...... 

  • XenApp, XenDesktop drive XenServer growth

    Citrix XenServer is the fastest-growing hypervisor on the market, thanks to the popularity of XenApp and XenDesktop. But that's not the only reason for XenServer's recent momentum. 

  • XenServer 5.6 adds new features

    Citrix Systems has released XenServer 5.6, which boasts improved memory and CPU support. Find out more and get all the week's news in this podcast. 

  • Simon Crosby explains Citrix's open source XenServer move

    Why is Citrix making XenServer's core components available to the open source community? Find out in this interview with Simon Crosby, Citrix CTO and XenSource founder. 

  • Citrix open sources XenServer

    First, Citrix Systems decided to give away its XenServer hypervisor for free. Now the company is making the XenServer code completely open source. 

  • FAQ: New Citrix XenServer 5.5 features

    Virtualization expert Rick Vanover answers frequently asked questions about new XenServer 5.5 features and how they'll affect Citrix in the market. 

  • VMware vSphere licensing policy causes uproar

    Virtualization expert Eric Siebert discusses VMware's controversial vSphere licensing policy on This Week in Virtualization, our weekly news podcast. 

  • XenServer price changes draw admins' interest

    Since Citrix Systems made XenServer free in February, more admins say they've given the platform a second look. Hear all about it in this edition of This Week in Virtualization. 

  • Citrix XenServer 5.5 beta available for download

    This Week in Virtualization: Citrix Systems releases the XenServer 5.5 beta in advance of next week's Synergy conference, and VMware users clamor for vSphere 4. 

About Citrix XenServer

Citrix XenServer offers a low-cost alternate to the market-leading VMware and can offer the performance, features and reliability that many IT shops need in a virtualization technology. This section provides news, case studies and tutorials on using Citrix XenServer, compares the pros and cons of XenServer with those of Microsoft's Hyper-V and VMware in terms of price, functionality, performance, ease of use, support and reliability and provides step-by-step tutorials on installing and using XenServer and management tools in a virtualized environment.