Cloud computing architecture

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  • How to control private cloud costs

    Many IT shops need to manage their virtual environments on a tight budget, and increasing pressure to provide private cloud capabilities in the enterprise presents a new financial challenge. Faced with the prohibitive licensing and software costs inv... 

  • Choosing virtualization management tools for the cloud

    The right virtual management tools can make all the difference in moving to a cloud environment. Products from major virtualization vendors and from third parties offer assistance with automation, self-service, security, monitoring, reporting, backup... 

  • Evaluating cloud platforms and tools

    This chapter provides an overview of major virtual platforms and tools on the market with a focus on building a framework for the cloud. It explains how automation, VM templating, chargeback and other features define cloud computing. We explore consi... 

  • From virtualization to the cloud

    Many companies have become comfortable with virtualization, which lays the foundation for developing a private or hybrid cloud strategy. But to optimize their infrastructure, IT pros need to understand that a cloud environment has some key difference... 

  • Top private cloud management strategies

    After briefly considering public cloud computing, many companies are opting for private models instead. This expert IT handbook provides an in-depth overview of private cloud computing and offers exclusive advice to help companies make the move from ... 

  • Public vs. private: Comparing cloud architectures

    Private clouds and public clouds are making steady headway in today's enterprises. But deciding between the different cloud architectures can be a challenge because each one is not appropriate for every application, user group or organization. Stephe... 

  • Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager

    Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager is a cloud-based service that automates the backup and recovery of Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs). 

  • VMware vCloud Automation Center (vCAC)

    VMware vCloud Automation Center is VMware's unified cloud management software product that is capable of managing multiple hypervisors, physical infrastructure and public cloud services. 

  • cloud-to-cloud migration

    Cloud-to-cloud migration (C2C) is the movement of physical or virtual machines -- along with their associated configurations, operating systems, applications and storage -- from one cloud computing provider to another. 

About Cloud computing architecture

As companies move beyond consolidating their server hardware through server virtualization, many have moved to build cloud computing architectures, including private clouds. Server vritualization enables this new IT infrastructure though self-provisioning of servers, improved and automated server management and shared use of IT resources.