Disaster recovery, failover and high availability for virtual servers

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  • Tap into virtualization's benefits for better disaster recovery

    Virtualization creates an abstraction layer between hardware and the operating system and applications, providing great flexibility and ease when it comes to recovering systems after a disaster. And many virtualization platforms offer the ability to ... 

  • Virtual disaster recovery strategies in action

    This expert handbook explores how server virtualization can increase flexibility, while ensuring that recovery time objectives are met and hardware requirements stay minimal. Compare how physical and virtual DR differ and learn about the benefits and... 

  • Integrating high-availability methods into a virtual infrastructure

    This chapter outlines high-availability methods you can use to protect production workloads running in a virtual environment. Get advice to help you decide on the right HA strategy and obtain detailed information on working with single-site and multi... 

  • Introduction to virtualization for administrators

    If you're new to administering a virtualized environment, then this e-book is for you. This book provides a valuable introduction to virtualization, focusing on the basics of high availability and virtual test environments. You’ll come away with the ... 

  • Data Backup and Recovery Strategies For the Modern Enterprise

    Before you begin researching all of the available backup and disaster recovery (DR) technologies on the market, get a handle on your business needs. Read this e-book to learn about developing a backup and disaster recovery strategy, implementation gu... 

  • Essentials of high-availability planning for advanced virtualization

    Design, management and testing can make or break high availability in your virtual environment. Chapter three of this advanced virtualization e-book discusses the essentials of high availability planning. 

  • Managing advanced virtualization techniques

    From the ins and outs of high-availability planning to the nuances of hypervisor optimization, this e-book has the information you need to manage advanced virtualization techniques. 

  • Advanced virtualization: Disaster recovery strategies for the virtual data center

    A solid disaster recovery (DR) plan can overcome bandwidth and latency issues without any data loss. Techniques to restore data and prevent loss vary in the virtual data center. In Chapter 1 of this e-book, you'll learn about disaster recovery strate... 

  • Virtual disaster recovery strategies in action

    Virtualization is changing the disaster recovery landscape. This e-book is a beginner's guide to virtualization with chapters on disaster recovery (DR), test and development, server consolidation, high availability, storage, security and key technolo... 

  • VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (VMware vMSC)

    VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (VMware vMSC) is a configuration option, introduced in vSphere 5, that allows for the use of stretched clusters, where servers within a cluster are spread across geographical locations. 

  • split brain syndrome

    Split brain syndrome, in a clustering context, is a state in which a cluster of nodes gets divided (or partitioned) into smaller clusters of equal numbers of nodes, each of which believes it is the only active cluster. Believing the other clusters ar... 

  • VMware vSphere Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

    VMware vSphere Site Recovery Manager (SRM) is a disaster recovery management product from VMware that provides automated failover and disaster recovery testing. 

  • Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager

    Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager is a cloud-based service that automates the backup and recovery of Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs). 

  • VMware vSphere App HA

    VMware vSphere App HA is virtual appliance introduced with vSphere 5.5. It works with vSphere HA (high availability) host monitoring and virtual machine monitoring to improve application uptime. 

  • Cluster Labs Pacemaker

    Pacemaker is an open source high-availability cluster software developed from a collaboration between Red Hat and Novell. 

About Disaster recovery, failover and high availability for virtual servers

Server virtualization has become central to data center disaster recovery planning. In addition to reducing the costs for idle physical servers and reducing data center footprint, server virtualization for disaster recovery can help improve uptime as well as speed recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives. It can also help ensure better integrity for the data you retrieve. High-availability, management and failover for virtual servers are part of achieving these objectives. In this section, we provide news, cases studies and tutorials on using server virtualization for business continuity planning and best practices for creating remote disaster recovery sites. We also compare the pros and cons of backup and recovery technologies to help you decide which products will work best for your virtualized environment's backup and recovery requirements.