Disaster recovery strategies, business continuity and virtualization

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  • Choose storage that's smart enough for virtual environments

    Virtualization solves a lot of problems, but it also presents new challenges, especially related to storage. Do you need new tools that address virtual servers' specific challenges? And when is it helpful to virtualize storage? Virtualization-aware s... 

  • Demystifying server virtualization deployment

    Some IT managers have steered clear of server virtualization technologies because the deployment process can seem too daunting to begin. But this step-by-step handbook maps out the deployment process in four easy-to-follow steps. You'll also get advi... 

  • Balancing disaster recovery costs in a virtualized world

    Virtualization has changed the way IT pros look at availability, helping reduce disaster recovery costs while maintaining high levels of protection. 

  • FAQ: Server virtualization in health care IT

    Server virtualization can stop your data center from turning into an emergency room, but virtualization in health care IT brings unique challenges. 

  • Virtual disaster recovery FAQ

    Virtualization can improve a disaster recovery strategy through server consolidation and increased recovery speed. But there are drawbacks to virtual disaster recovery. 

  • Virtualizing mission-critical applications

    Virtualizing applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint was once thought to be too risky. That's no longer the case for these mission-critical applications. 

  • RHCVA (Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator)

    The Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA) is a certification exam from Red Hat, Inc. 

  • Hyper-V Replica

    Hyper-V Replica is a free disaster recovery tool in Hyper-V 3.0 that creates and maintains copies of virtual machines (VMs ). In the event of a catastrophic loss, an administrator can failover to the replica VMs and provide business continuity. 

About Disaster recovery strategies, business continuity and virtualization

Disaster recovery strategies are fast becoming a server virtualization use case, enabling companies to eliminate idle servers formerly dedicated to backup and recovery. With virtualization, organizations can reduce hardware costs, improve recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives, reduce data center footprint and reduce storage space and operational requirements. This section discusses how to use failover, high-availability tools and virtualization to create your disaster recovery plan.