Improving server management with virtualization

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  • How to stay relevant in an automated world

    Automation isn't new, but as virtualized environments become more complex, admins are seeing a bigger need for features that help them manage their virtual data centers. We'll continue to see improved built-in automation features. Microsoft's Desired... 

  • Presenting the pros and cons of server virtualization to management

    Convincing top management of the benefits of server virtualization is crucial to the success of your virtualization project. This expert e-guide breaks down the pros and cons of server virtualization, and offers advice for how to make the best busine... 

  • Consolidating virtual servers in three phases: A virtualization e-book

    Moving to a consolidated data center reduces the number of servers, which can minimize required investments in hardware, hardware maintenance charges, data center space costs and energy use. This e-book outlines a systematic approach you can use for ... 

  • Virtualization essentials to help your environments run smoothly

    Virtualization has emerged as a principal enabler of data center efficiency, but it is not a turnkey process. It requires careful consideration and planning to ensure successful deployments. In this e-book, learn the virtualization essentials that ca... 

  • Citrix Workflow Studio

    Citrix Workflow Studio is a workflow automation software product. 

  • Microsoft System Center Orchestrator

    Microsoft System Center Orchestrator is a workflow automation software product introduced as part of the Microsoft System Center 2012 suite. 

  • virtual LUN or thin LUN

    A virtual LUN (virtual logical unit number) is a representation of a storage area that is not tied to any physical storage allocation. Virtual LUNs are used in thin provisioning (also known as virtual provisioning) for storage area network (SAN) mana... 

  • VM stall

    VM stall is the point where it becomes just as cost-effective to deploy a physical server as it is to deploy a virtual server. 

  • virtualization

    Virtualization is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resources. There are three areas of IT where virtualization is making headroads, network virtual... 

  • live migration

    Live migration is the movement of a virtual machine from one physical host to another while continuously powered-up... (Continued) 

  • How server virtualization works

    Server virtualization brings several benefits, especially when it comes to server consolidation. This video covers how server virtualization works to bring these benefits to life. 

About Improving server management with virtualization

To ease server administration burdens and streamline data center management, virtualization management tools for server workload balancing, capacity planning, live migration of virtual machines, automated server provisioning, configuration management databases (CMDBs) to track change, and more have become key to using virtualization to improve data center operational efficiency, free virtualization staff for more strategic tasks and more. But as with all tools, you can't reap the benefits of simplified management without understanding how they interact with virtualized environment, the cost benefits of these tools and the complexity involved in choosing one virtual management tool over another. This section offers news and advice on managing data center infrastructure and managing physical and virtual servers with virtualization management tools. It compares tool providers' products on the basis of performance, ease of use, reliability, cost and suitability for various virtualized environments. If you're looking to evaluate virtualization management providers, learn about the latest management tools or find out how to eke the maximum benefit from your virtualized data center, check out the resources in this section.