Introduction to virtualization and how-tos

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  • Server virtualization basics: Understanding the virtualization market

    This e-book examines the growing virtualization market and analyzes key virtualization platforms and their features. Discover the benefits and challenges of adopting virtualization in your data center today. Get advice from our experts on server virt... 

  • Server virtualization best practices for the modern data center

    In this comprehensive IT handbook, build a solid understanding of server virtualization. Get tips for how you can optimize hardware management and performance, ensure high availability and manage your virtual environment. Explore topics such as VM tr... 

  • virtual file system (VFS)

    A virtual file system (VFS) is programming that forms an interface between an operating system's kernel and a more concrete file system.  

  • Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA)

    The Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) is a free online school with courses that cover Microsoft-related topics and specific Microsoft products. 

  • guest virtual machine (guest VM)

    A guest virtual machine (guest VM) is the software component of a virtual machine (VM), an independent instance of an operating system (called a guest operating system) and its associated software and information. 

  • host virtual machine (host VM)

    A host virtual machine is the server component of a virtual machine (VM), the underlying hardware that provides computing resources to support a particular guest virtual machine (guest VM). 

  • virtualization

    Virtualization is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resources. There are three areas of IT where virtualization is making headroads, network virtual... 

  • paravirtualization

    Paravirtualization is an enhancement of virtualization technology in which a guest OS is recompiled prior to installation inside a virtual machine... (Continued) 

  • hypervisor

    A hypervisor, also called a virtual machine manager, is a program that allows multiple operating systems to share a single hardware processor. 

  • How server virtualization works

    Server virtualization brings several benefits, especially when it comes to server consolidation. This video covers how server virtualization works to bring these benefits to life. 

  • Virtual machine sprawl prevention FAQs

    Virtual machine sprawl can make a mess of your infrastructure. Learn what causes the problem and get tips on taming virtual machine sprawl in this podcast with expert Rick Vanover. 

  • Oracle virtualization support excludes VMware, Microsoft, Citrix

    Oracle clears up its virtualization policy and won't support third-party platforms after all. Find out what it means for Oracle's push into the market. 

  • Microsoft GM: Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V R2 beats VMware on price

    Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V R2 offers similar virtualization capabilities to VMware vSphere 4 but at a lower price, Windows Server General Manager Iain McDonald said at the Microsoft TechEd 2009 conference. 

  • A hypervisor on your laptop?

    Virtual Computer talks about its next-generation virtual desktop offering using a hypervisor-based approach like VMware vClient. But unlike vClient, NxTop is already here. 

  • Virtual Datacenter Operating System revealed

    VMware's Bogomil Balkansky explains the new Virtual Datacenter Operating System (VDC-OS), VMware's "internal cloud" that harnesses data center resources and applies a layer of management. 

About Introduction to virtualization and how-tos

In this section, we offer resources on the basics of virtualization, an overview of different models of virtualization, such as hosted, bare-metal and OS-level virtualization, and we establish different virtualization providers' role –including VMware, Microsoft, Citrix Systems Virtuozzo and more-- in building virtualization architectural models. This section's resources are designed for administrators, data center managers and others looking for an introduction to virtualization and an overview on how virtualization works.