Network virtualization

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  • shared nothing live migration

    Shared nothing live migration is a term used to describe the process of moving a virtual machine (VM) from one physical host to another, without the need for clustering or a common shared storage location. 

  • IP address management (IPAM)

    Internet Protocol address management (IPAM) is a method of tracking and modifying the information associated with a network's Internet Protocol address (IP address) space. With IPAM, administrators can ensure that the inventory of assignable IP addre... 

About Network virtualization

Even with the best virtualization software and the newest server hardware, networking performance problems and latency can frustrate users. But building virtual networks is increasingly a piece of the puzzle in any virtualized data center. And you have many factors to consider, from network interface cards to virtual switches to networking adapters to network storage devices to Fibre Channel versus Ethernet networking considerations. Your choices concerning these various networking resources can make the difference between a network that hums along and one that suffers from I/O and other performance bottlenecks. This section provides news, research and tutorials on setting up virtual networks, the pros and cons of various networking devices and technologies and provides the latest news on tools for virtual networking.