Oracle VM and other virtualization technologies

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  • Should you wait for Viridian to virtualize?

    Waiting on Microsoft Viridian to hit the market so you can consolidate the servers in your data center? Ron Oglesby shares his thoughts on the subject in this expert response. 

  • VMware for Mac virtualization?

    Will VMware dominate the Mac virtualization scene as well? Parallels was first, but according to our expert, that may not mean Parallels will reign supreme. Read this expert advice for his take on which vendor will come out on top. 

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  • Importing virtual machines from other platforms

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  • Virtuozzo vs. VMware, Microsoft, XenSource

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  • What type of virtualization should I use?

    Trying to decide which form of virtualization to use? This expert response helps you determine whether you should look at server virtualization products or application virtualization products. 

  • Virtuozzo

    Virtuozzo is a software application for enterprise server virtualization that allows an administrator to create virtual environments on a host computer at the operating system (OS) layer... (Continued) 

About Oracle VM and other virtualization technologies

Oracle VM, Parallels Virtuozzo and other alternatives to the market-leading virtualization technologies may not be poised to overtake the virtualization market. But these alternatives to VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer can offer interoperability, price or other advantages for shops looking to virtualize on a budget, standardize on a single vendor, or those with other concerns. This section on Oracle VM virtualization and lesser-known virtualization technologies helps you evaluate alternatives to VMware, provides case studies and news on those virtualizing (or migrating from) these alternative hypervisor or other virtualizaiton technologies and offers tips and how-tos on using these virtualization options in your virtualized environment.