Server virtualization management tools and practices

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  • VM management and capacity prediction

    As hypervisor features have become more similar, the next vendor battleground will be over management software. Microsoft and VMware have similar capabilities, and now they'll look to make their products stand out by touting their management tools and complimentary products. Soon, IT pros won't spend time looking at unique features when they compare hypervisors; they will be looking at how an organization can use the hypervisor to improve workflows throughout the data center.

  • As virtual machine migrations accelerate, don't get left behind

    Workload mobility is a key part of virtualization, and it should continue to get better and become a bigger part of an IT admin's everyday operations. Both Microsoft and VMware say they can improve the speed and efficiency of live migrations. Microsoft's Live Migration can now compress migration traffic before transferring to the target server, greatly improving migration time. Some recent VMworld sessions also suggested that VMware has readied vMotion improvements.

  • Use libguestfs to create VM templates on KVM easily

    Virt-sysprep, the latest libguestfs tool for Linux, helps make deploying virtual machines uncomplicated by letting you create a template VM.

  • Solving problems and taking names: Automated scripting keeps you ahead

    IT admins can use automated scripting and other tools to avoid repetition, reduce human error and generate better documentation.

  • Reducing CPU ready time will get your hungry VMs a seat at the table

    Throwing vCPUs at a slow VM is not the answer to better performance when CPU ready time is high.

  • What virtualization admins need to know about flash storage

    A new generation of solid-state flash storage can add speed to virtual environments. With prices dropping and writes improving, flash could shine.

  • Pinpointing application performance problems in a virtual data center

    Hardware performance is relatively easy to monitor, but acceptable hardware metrics do not always translate to smooth application performance in a virtual environment.

  • How to stay relevant in an automated world

    Automation isn't new, but as virtualized environments become more complex, admins are seeing a bigger need for features that help them manage their virtual data centers. We'll continue to see improved built-in automation features. Microsoft's Desired State Configuration includes a set of new PowerShell cmdlets that admins can use to simply describe how they want to set up a server -- without actually having to manually write server roles or configure specific features. This level of automation can save admins a lot of time in highly virtualized data centers.

  • VMM eases the burden of running both Hyper-V and VMware

    If you're planning to run both VMware and Hyper-V, Microsoft's Virtual Machine Manager allows you to do so with mostly all of VMware's features.

  • Using libguestfs for easy and convenient VM access

    Even if your virtual machine won't power on, libguestfs has tools that can access the VM files to modify and even rescue them.

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