Server virtualization staffing, careers and budget

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  • Critical decisions for virtualization storage

    More and more data centers are moving toward virtualization because of the flexibility it offers, but cost and lack of skills are holding back some deployments. Find out how to use ROI and VARs to make the case for virtualization so you can start tak... 

  • Why you should attend a virtualization conference

    Attending a virtualization conference is a great way to learn about technologies while networking. And, if you're lucky, you can go to an after-party. 

  • How virtualization pros can land their next IT job

    Virtualization pros who are unhappy in their current role would be wise to follow our advisory board’s advice. It may help you land your next IT job. 

  • IT career advice for graduates

    If you’re pursuing an IT career, our experts have some words of wisdom. Their advice for graduates focuses on job selection and technical knowledge. 

  • Why it's hard to predict cost of personnel and training

    A reader pointed out that Andrew Kutz may have missed the cost of training employees on VMware when it comes to TCO. 

  • Working smarter, not harder

    Andrew Kutz debunks the myth that virtualization will make any of your current employees redundant. Indeed, the opposite is true. Virtualization may change employees' jobs, but the need for tech talent is as great as ever. 

About Server virtualization staffing, careers and budget

Server virtualization has enabled companies to reduce IT budgets by cutting server hardware costs, reducing data center footprint and space needs, improving IT operational efficiency and, in some cases, reducing companies' IT staffing needs by streamlining server management. But for companies striving to save money with virtualization, the challenge lies in your choices. How can you gain optimum virtual machine performance and also reduce energy consumption? Can reduction in data center energy-efficiency costs offset other new purchases such as for hardware purchases or other virtualization management tools? Get news, case studies and advice on virtualizing servers to reduce IT costs. Learn how virtualization consolidates servers, eliminates hardware costs and reduces power consumption. Learn about the best hardware, server virtualization management tools and other considerations in reducing data center power consumption.