Virtual machine monitoring, troubleshooting and alerting

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  • Recognizing the benefits of desktop virtualization

    In Chapter 6 of the Advanced Virtualization e-book, Mike Laverick outlines some of the benefits that desktop virtualization has over server-based computing models. He also details a few drawbacks of VDI and makes predictions on how the market will re... 

  • memory paging

    Memory paging is a memory management technique for controlling how a computer's memory resources are shared. 

  • virtual machine monitor (VMM)

    A virtual machine monitor (VMM) is a host program that allows a single computer to support multiple, identical execution environments... (Continued) 

About Virtual machine monitoring, troubleshooting and alerting

Let's face it: Managing virtualized server performance and ensuring virtual machine (VM) availability and system performance can be onerous. You need virtual systems tools that monitor, track and report on events; indicate root causes of performance problems; and automatically address affected resources. To ensure proper workload allocation, VM performance, proper VM densities and to better audit and track the location of your VMs, you need monitoring and alerting tools that tell you about every aspect of your virtualized environment. This section offers VM monitoring and alerting tool comparisons, step-by-step tutorials on how to use monitoring and alerting software, and breaks down which tools work best in various virtualized environments.