Virtual machine provisioning and configuration

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  • smart paging

    Smart paging is an advanced version of memory paging in Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, where a virtual machine is capable of temporarily using hard disk space to supplement shortages of solid-state memory. 

  • virtual file system (VFS)

    A virtual file system (VFS) is programming that forms an interface between an operating system's kernel and a more concrete file system.  

  • virtual machine lifecycle management (VMLM)

    Virtual machine lifecycle management is a set of processes designed to help administrators oversee the implementation, delivery, operation, and maintenance of virtual machines (VMs) over the course of their existence. 

  • virtual server farm

    A virtual server farm is a networking environment that employs multiple application and infrastructure servers running on two or more physical servers using a server virtualization program such as VMware or Microsoft Virtual Server. 

  • shared nothing live migration

    Shared nothing live migration is a term used to describe the process of moving a virtual machine (VM) from one physical host to another, without the need for clustering or a common shared storage location. 

  • VMDK file (virtual machine disk file)

    VMware Virtual Machine Disk File (VMDK) is a format specification for virtual machine (VM) files. A file with a .VMDK file extension is essentially a complete and independent virtual machine. 

  • golden image

    A golden image is a template for a virtual machine (VM), virtual desktop, server or hard disk drive.  A golden image may also be referred to as a clone image or master image. 

  • VMware Tools

    VMware Tools is an optional, free set of drivers and utilities that enhances both the performance of a virtual machine’s guest operating system and interaction between the guest and the host. 

  • VMware memory overcommit

    Memory overcommit is the memory allocation feature for Vmware. 

  • virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

    Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the practice of hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine (VM) running on a centralized server. 

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About Virtual machine provisioning and configuration

As a server virtualization administrator, one of your chief goals is finding ways to ease the administrative and management burdens of your virtualized server environment. How you provision virtual servers and configure virtual machines (VMs) is a critical piece of streamlining those management challenges, especially as your virtualized environment grows. In this section, we offer advice, case studies and step-by-step tutorials on efficient, rapid provisioning and configuration software for VMs; automated tools to provision, configure, and load-balance virtual machines; using PowerShell scripts to power on VMs, how to use templates to provision and manage VMs; and we coach you on how to compare provisioning and configuration tools from various virtualization providers.