Virtual server backup and storage

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  • Choose storage that's smart enough for virtual environments

    Virtualization solves a lot of problems, but it also presents new challenges, especially related to storage. Do you need new tools that address virtual servers' specific challenges? And when is it helpful to virtualize storage? Virtualization-aware s... 

  • Tap into virtualization's benefits for better disaster recovery

    Virtualization creates an abstraction layer between hardware and the operating system and applications, providing great flexibility and ease when it comes to recovering systems after a disaster. And many virtualization platforms offer the ability to ... 

  • Shared data storage: The backbone of your virtual environment

    Data storage is the backbone of your virtual environment. Learn how virtualization has made shared storage a necessity in your data center, and find out which technologies and strategies to employ to get the most of out of your storage. We answer you... 

  • Guide to proper virtual storage management

    Virtual data center managers must keep storage capacity and performance within acceptable parameters as business conditions change. Examine the nuances of virtual storage management, including provisioning, performance and remote storage methods and ... 

  • Virtual storage strategies and management in action

    Chapter 4 of the Advanced Virtualization e-book will examine the nuances of virtual storage, including provisioning, performance and remote storage methods that help ensure you allocate the right amount of storage -- at the right performance level --... 

  • Introduction to virtualization: Storage in the virtualized world

    In Chapter 5 of this e-book, you'll learn how storage virtualization can improve utilization rates, keep resource costs low and boost network performance for real-world and future applications. Get the latest tips and the inside on implementing stor... 

  • linked clones

    Linked clones are copies of virtual machines that share virtual disks with the parent VM, which conserves space and allows multiple VMs to use the same software. 

  • NTBackup (Microsoft Windows NT backup)

    NTBackup is a built-in backup application introduced with Microsoft Windows NT. 

  • Red Hat Storage (RHS)

    Red Hat Storage is a new distributed file system based on the Gluster file system. 

  • virtual storage appliance (VSA)

    A virtual storage appliance (VSA) is a storage controller that runs on a virtual machine(VM) to create shared storage without the cost of additional hardware.  

About Virtual server backup and storage

Increasingly, virtual storage has become part of business continuity strategies for virtualized data centers. But should you use direct-attached storage (DAS), network-attached storage, Fibre Channel or iSCSI storage area networks (SANs)? What are the pros and cons of these methods in terms of cost, performance, ease of use and, most important, reliability? And what about the old traditional physical storage methods? In this section, we offer news, case studies, tutorials and step-by-step instruction on using virtual storage and backup. We consider network infrastructure, performance of various virtual storage technologies, hardware factors and networking technologies such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet's impact on virtual storage solutions. We also compare offerings from virtual storage providers to help you determine which virtual storage products are best suited to your virtualized infrastructure.