Virtualization costs, licensing and support issues

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About Virtualization costs, licensing and support issues

As you move to a virtualized environment, virtualization licensing schemes as well as virtualization pricing and support can become central challenges affecting virtual machine performance, IT budgets and more. And indeed, virtualized environments change many of the operating principles that govern physical environments. Some vendors have made licensing and support terms for virtualized applications complex, sometimes requiring users to return applications to physical environments to receive support and also dictating high licensing fees for these virtualized server running their applications. Get news, technical advice and research on navigating virtualization licensing schemes; understanding virtualization pricing models (per CPU licensing, per-core licensing, per chip and per socket); managing and reducing licensing costs for a virtualized environment by writing rock-solid service-level agreements and using virtual server chargeback methods; and ensuring hardware and application support in virtualized environments, and research on virtualization compatibility concerns and challenges, including hardware and software support requirements, vendor requirements to support virtual machines and more.