Virtualization vendor comparisons

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  • Choosing virtualization management tools for the cloud

    The right virtual management tools can make all the difference in moving to a cloud environment. Products from major virtualization vendors and from third parties offer assistance with automation, self-service, security, monitoring, reporting, backup... 

  • Hypervisor management and optimization for advanced virtualization

    All hypervisors essentially do the same job, but not in the same way. The three top hypervisors all have differences that require specific virtualization management tactics. Read this e-book to learn best practices and recommendations you can follow ... 

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  • Introduction to virtualization: Hypervisors

    Virtualization technology isn't complete without a hypervisor. This final chapter of the Introduction to Virtualization e-book explains some hypervisor basics—highlighting the differences between bare-metal and hosted hypervisors—and lists some featu... 

  • Wanted: Well-rounded IT professionals

    Virtualization and other new data center technologies have changed the way IT professionals work. Find out in this month's issue what skills are needed to stay ahead in today's competitive workforce. Also, learn what virtualization options don't requ... 

  • software-defined data center (SDDC)

    A software-defined data center (SDDC) is a data storage facility in which all elements of the infrastructure -- networking, storage, CPU and security – are virtualized and delivered as a service. Deployment, provisioning, configuration and operation ... 

  • Type 2 hypervisor (hosted hypervisor)

    A Type 2 hypervisor, also known as a hosted hypervisor, is a virtual machine manager that installs on top of a host's operating system (OS).  

About Virtualization vendor comparisons

How do you know whether to choose VMware vs. Hyper-V vs. XenServer vs. other platforms, such as Red Hat KVM or Oracle VM? This section on virtualization technology comparisons sorts out the various pros and cons of available hypervisors, management tools on the basis of performance, reliability, interoperability cost and more.