Virtualized clusters and high-performance computing

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  • STONITH (Shoot The Other Node In The Head)

    STONITH (Shoot The Other Node In The Head) is a Linux service for maintaining the integrity of nodes in a high-availability (HA) cluster.  

  • Cluster Labs Pacemaker

    Pacemaker is an open source high-availability cluster software developed from a collaboration between Red Hat and Novell. 

  • virtual machine (VM)

    A virtual machine (VM) is an environment, usually a program or operating system, which does not physically exist but is created within another environment. In this context, a VM is called a guest while the environment it runs within is called a host.... 

  • I/O fencing (input/output fencing)

    I/O (input/output) fencing is the isolation of a malfunctioning node from a cluster's shared storage to protect the integrity of data. 

About Virtualized clusters and high-performance computing

High-performance computing architectures, virtualized clustering and virtualization all enable data centers to improve server utilization efficiency and data center computing resource use and, potentially, reduce costs in their data centers. This section explores the latest news and research on HPC environments with virtualization, how to use virtualized Windows and Linux clustering, the benefits of HPC in terms of increased server utilization, reduced IT costs, and increased scalability as well as some of the central challenges of high-performance computing in terms of improving application performance and latency, fault tolerance concerns, and HPC management challenges, and some of the ongoing projects devoted to high-performance computing, such as the Beowolf project and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.