XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0

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Gold Award:

XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0

XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0

In a major step forward from release 3.2, Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0 grabbed the Gold in this category. This server virtualization platform topped our judges' list by adding significant functionality without sacrificing ease of use or attractive pricing.

XenServer Enterprise 4.0 filled in 3.2's gaps in hardware support, virtual machine (VM) live-migration support, scalable virtual infrastructure management software and more. Examples of new features include the following:
  • An updated Xen bare metal hypervisor that supports native 32- or 64-bit x86 operating system.
  • The new live-migration feature XenMotion, which combines enterprise-level functionality and ease of use, because it can be manually started from the GUI and manually or programmatically managed through XenAPI.
  • The scalable XenCenter, a virtual infrastructure management suite, which provides interfaces for VM creation and lifecycle management, and a Windows user interface.

Among others, these features are standard on the Windows- and Linux-friendly XenServer Enterprise 4.0, which retails for $1,599 for an annual subscription license per dual-socket server. The price is $2,499 for a perpetual license per dual-socket server.

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