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  • Using VMware vApps to organize and manage multi-tiered applications

    Multi-tiered applications that span several VMs can be difficult for data center admins to manage, but VMware vApps can help simplify the process.

  • Pinpointing application performance problems in a virtual data center

    Hardware performance is relatively easy to monitor, but acceptable hardware metrics do not always translate to smooth application performance in a virtual environment.

  • Virtualize enterprise applications with less peril, more payoff

    The benefits of server virtualization have been widely accepted, but companies may still have reservations about virtualizing applications that support critical business functions, for fear of lowered performance and issues with...

  • Mix hardware and software for the best VM high availability

    Virtualization has vastly improved the utilization of server hardware and brought greater flexibility to workload provisioning and migration, but virtualization has also introduced potential vulnerabilities. Today's server may host 10, 15 or even...

  • Three mistakes that can doom your private cloud design from day one

    Cloud computing may be the next logical evolution of virtual data centers, but rushing into a private cloud design can create more problems than it solves.

    Unfortunately, many companies (or at least C-level executives) fall into the trap...

  • Twitter Roundup: Interop Las Vegas 2014

    Interop Las Vegas 2014 drew the world's top tech companies to the quarterly trade conference for five days of sun and a look at the latest in high-tech offerings.

    Conferencegoers took to Twitter to talk about different companies, new...

  • Benefits, requirements and drawbacks of server I/O virtualization

    Server virtualization typically focuses on abstracting and provisioning CPU or memory resources, but server I/O has traditionally remained a bottleneck which limited storage and network traffic -- ultimately limiting the maximum level of server...

  • Is a private cloud with Windows Azure Pack your next best move?

    Public cloud offers plenty of enticing features and benefits for IT professionals, but security concerns and other setbacks are a reason for hesitation. Fortunately there's a way to get those same benefits without the drawbacks.


  • Choosing disaster recovery options that fit your virtual needs

    Protecting a virtual environment is no simple matter. As virtual infrastructures become more complex and more companies turn to multiple hypervisors, understanding what you need to protect your data center can be difficult. Luckily, today's...

  • container-based virtualization (operating system-level virtualization)

    Container-based virtualization, also called operating system virtualization, is an approach to virtualization in which the virtualization layer runs as an application within the operating system (

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