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  • Citrix Workflow Studio

    Citrix Workflow Studio is a workflow automation software product.

  • VM management and capacity prediction

    As hypervisor features have become more similar, the next vendor battleground will be over management software. Microsoft and VMware have similar capabilities, and now they'll look to make their products stand out by touting their management tools...

  • Workflow automation software showdown: Citrix, Microsoft and VMware

    Workflow automation software is growing in popularity, but each product has its limitations. Find out how products from three major vendors stack up.

  • Is a private cloud with Windows Azure Pack your next best move?

    Public cloud offers plenty of enticing features and benefits for IT professionals, but security concerns and other setbacks are a reason for hesitation. Fortunately there's a way to get those same benefits without the drawbacks.


  • New hospital cloud services changing clinical workflows

    As healthcare IT continues to evolve, hospital cloud services and desktop virtualization start to make sense to reduce the components of a hospital's technology infrastructure. We are seeing a number of IT folks looking to do away with...

  • Print management services providers highlight vertical, workflow knowledge

    With lots of competition in the managed print market, providers are building out their vertical and workflow knowledge to differentiate themselves.

  • Elastic computing is the future: Don't let Amazon take your job

    Virtualization made adding new resources easier than provisioning hardware and incurred minimal downtime, but there was often a disconnect between what the business wanted and what IT teams were able to deliver.

    It wasn't uncommon to see...

  • Solving problems and taking names: Automated scripting keeps you ahead

    The benefits of IT automation are often overlooked or misunderstood, which leads many IT professionals to categorize it as someone else's problem. Administrators perform far too many redundant processes -- as well as complex procedures that...

  • BPM workflow management software answers IT manager's call

    An inside look at how an IT manager researched workflow management software to determine how to best meet his organization's growing needs.

  • Microsoft System Center Orchestrator

    Microsoft System Center Orchestrator is a workflow automation software product introduced as part of the Microsoft System Center 2012 suite.

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