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workflow: Workflow is the series of activities that are necessary to complete a task.

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News Dec 27, 2001

2. Workflow

The number two search term on searchSAP in 2001 was Workflow. Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 08, 2006

Group Workflows

Did you know SAP workflows can be routed to individuals and groups of people, even grouped by position? Alon Raskin explains options for workfow recipients. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jul 31, 2001


Learn this week's Word of the Week. Continue Reading


Problem solve May 15, 2003

Implementing workflow without HR

What are the disadvantages to implementing workflow without implementing atleast minimal HR? What is the minimal amount of HR that should be implemented to support workflow? Continue Reading


Problem solve Oct 05, 2001

Basic pointers on workflow

Is workflow template is client-independent or client-dependent? How do I transport workflow template from a server(client A) to another server (client B)? Continue Reading


Problem solve May 19, 2008

Calling a custom workflow

How do I call my custom workflow (in pa40) at hiring time? Continue Reading


Problem solve Apr 21, 2008

BPEL vs. workflow foundation

Sri Nagabhirava discusses the differences between BPEL and workflow foundation and which is best at building a composite Web service. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jan 30, 2008

Clearing pending workflow items

Is there a way to clear/complete pending workflow items? We just went live and we have discovered some bugs. As a result of the bugs we have some processes which show as a pending workflow. We have processed the ... Continue Reading


Problem solve Aug 20, 2001

Hanged EBP workflow

My EBP workflow also seems to be hanging for no apparent reason, but it does actually have an agent assigned and when the agent approves the workflow, the status becomes 'in process' and it stays that way - why? Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 08, 2006

Advanced Workflow features -- SWITCH

In this SAP best practices tip, learn about a new SAP Workflow feature called SWITCH in the step Multiple Condition. This new feature carries a condition definition that is not available in the Workflow CASE step. Continue Reading