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Application virtualization, Capacity planning for virtualization, Citrix XenServer, Cloud computing and virtualization strategies, Cloud computing architecture, Cloud computing infrastructure, Desktop virtualization, Disaster recovery strategies, business continuity and virtualization, Disaster recovery, failover and high availability for virtual servers, Downtime and data loss in virtualized environments, Green data center: Reducing power consumption with virtualization, Improving server management with virtualization, Introduction to virtualization and how-tos, Microsoft Hyper-V and Virtual Server, Microsoft Hyper-V management, Network virtualization, Open source virtualization, Oracle VM and other virtualization technologies, P2V, V2V and V2P migration, Preventing virtual machine sprawl, Reducing IT costs with server virtualization, Server consolidation and improved resource utilization, Server consolidation with virtualization, Server hardware and virtualization, Server virtualization compliance and governance, Server virtualization risks and monitoring, Server virtualization staffing, careers and budget, Using virtual machine appliances, VMware administration and how-tos, VMware conference coverage, VMware management tools, VMware virtualization, Virtual machine monitoring, troubleshooting and alerting, Virtual machine performance management, Virtual machine provisioning and configuration, Virtual server backup and storage, Virtualization costs, licensing and support issues, Virtualization security and patch management, Virtualization vendor comparisons, Virtualized clusters and high-performance computing, Virtualized test and development environments