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Get to know 4 virtualization types

Server virtualization is a fact of life for most IT admins, but there are other types of virtualization -- network, storage, desktop and application -- that IT pros should know.


Windows and Hyper-V container management made easy

You can use a number of tools for Windows and Hyper-V container management, including Docker and PowerShell, depending on your experience and skill set.


Compare Storage QoS implementation in Hyper-V, vSphere

Storage QoS prevents a VM from consuming excessive storage IOPS, but the methods for enabling the feature vary from Microsoft to VMware environments.


Firecracker microVMs combine VM, container advantages

Firecracker aims to bridge the gap between VMs and containers with microVMs, which are secure, lightweight instance types for stateless workloads.

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Server Virtualization Basics

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    Deploy HCI as software or hardware

    Hyper-converged infrastructures pose different challenges depending on the deployment method. Software might not offer as much support, while choosing hardware risks vendor lock in.

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    Server hardware to run ROBO virtual workloads

    Examine remote office/branch office technology trends, review server hardware options and ensure you can effectively manage virtual resources before implementation.

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    Set up a network for Windows containers

    The default network setting for Windows containers is Network Address Translation, but you can also set up a transparent Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or non-DHCP network.

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