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Use these strategies to manage virtual servers

When overseeing virtual servers, take advantage of self-service VM management, VM templates, monitoring tools and permissions groups to ease the management burden.


Nvidia launches integrated AI platform for VMware vSphere 7

Making good on their promise last fall, Nvidia and VMware have delivered a platform allowing vSphere 7 users to run the next generation of AI-based applications.


Server virtualization drawbacks explained

Server virtualization is lauded for its flexibility, improved productivity and more efficient resource provisioning, but the technology is not without its drawbacks.


What's the difference between containers and VMs?

Containers have rapidly come into focus as a popular option for deploying applications, but they have limitations and are fundamentally different than VMs.

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Server Virtualization Basics

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    virtual machine (VM)

    A virtual machine (VM) is an operating system (OS) or application environment that is installed on software, which imitates dedicated hardware.

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    Type 2 hypervisor (hosted hypervisor)

    A Type 2 hypervisor, also known as a hosted hypervisor, is a virtual machine manager that installs on top of a host's operating system.

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    bare-metal hypervisor

    A bare-metal hypervisor, also known as a Type 1 hypervisor, is virtualization software that has been installed directly onto the computing hardware.

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