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VSphere VM Service: Provision VMs with Kubernetes APIs

With Tanzu integration and vSphere VM Service lets developers and admins spin up VMs and guest OSes as desired-state images in vSphere for Kubernetes-based management.

VMware's Project Monterey expands its capabilities, use cases

With updates to Project Monterey, VMware customers can now use DPUs for networking, security and bare-metal deployments from the vSphere interface.


VSphere 7 Update 3 broadens app acceleration, cloud initiatives

VMware announced several initiatives and updates, such as Project Arctic and vSphere 7 Update 3, that broaden the scope of vSphere's app modernization and cloud capabilities.

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Learn the basics of virtual server security software selection

There are multiple factors in choosing the right security software for VMs and virtual infrastructure. Get familiar with potential threats, features to have and market offerings.

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Server Virtualization Basics

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    In IT, a platform is any hardware or software used to host an application or service.

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    Virtualization is the creation of a virtual -- rather than actual -- version of something, such as an operating system (OS), a server, a storage device or network resources.

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    virtual hard drive

    A virtual hard drive file is a container file that acts similar to a physical hard drive.

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