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Perform SCVMM server health check tasks with PowerShell

Perform regular SCVMM health checks -- such as monitoring clustered shared volume utilization and host participation in SCVMM placement -- using simple PowerShell commands and scripts.


XCP-ng breathes new life into XenServer

A new open source fork of Citrix XenServer includes many features proprietary hypervisors offer, but it's not likely to displace market leaders any time soon.


Use PowerShell cmdlets to manage VMM library servers

Using PowerShell commands can save you time when searching for all the shares on a VMM library server, exporting and importing VMM library resources, and checking for VMM templates.

Problem Solve

Resolve VM live migration issues

VM live migration errors in Hyper-V include connection issues, virtual switch mismatches and incompatible hardware. Learn more about these common errors and how to resolve them.

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Server Virtualization Basics

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    VMs still have a place at the IoT edge

    The need to pack a lot of compute power into a small package leaves many wondering whether containers and serverless frameworks could replace virtualization at the edge.

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    hardware virtualization

    Hardware virtualization, which is also known as server virtualization or simply virtualization, is the abstraction of computing resources from the software that uses those resources.

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    Build endpoint security on a hardened guest foundation

    Endpoint security relies not only on a series of tools and best practices, but also on a security mindset that starts with guest hardening and follows the deployment of every VM.

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  • Open source virtualization

    RHV 4.2 adds DR features, revamps UI

    The latest updates to Red Hat's virtualization platform enhance enterprise-grade features. But despite improvements, it's still not a VMware killer.

  • Network virtualization

    VMware's NSX strategy: The virtual cloud is everywhere

    VMware's NSX strategy aims to help enterprises stitch together data centers and cloud environments, though it could be overkill for IT shops with simpler needs that are more specific.

  • Virtualization costs, licensing and support issues

    IT shops on the clock to upgrade vSphere 5.5 to 6.5

    To position themselves for future needs and technologies, many vSphere 5.5 customers may have to move out of their comfort zones and upgrade to version 6.5.