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Bring cloud on prem with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, AWS Outposts

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC and the forthcoming AWS Outposts offer organizations rack-based hybrid cloud products that can extend their public cloud platforms to the data center.

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Optimize Docker images on Windows for better system performance

Multiple layers in a Windows Docker image can cause resource contention. Optimization requires you to limit the number of layers that you use and minimize each layer's size.


VMware Cloud on AWS appeals to SMBs

VMware's cloud platform isn't exclusive to enterprise-level industries; smaller organizations that adopt the platform can realize cloud advantages, such as high availability and flexibility.


Obtain, deploy and manage Oracle VM templates

Oracle VM templates, which come with a guest OS, application software and preset configurations, help admins streamline VM deployment, and they can set them up in just a few steps.

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  • Server virtualization infrastructure and architecture

    VMware takes a two-pronged approach to GPU acceleration

    The virtualization giant's recent acquisition of Bitfusion and its close partnership with Nvidia bring GPU virtualization to vSphere.

  • Server virtualization management tools and practices

    What's new in vSphere?

    VMworld's 'What's new in vSphere?' session at VMworld is a perennial attendee favorite, but the updates were overshadowed by the hubbub around Project Pacific.

  • Server virtualization management tools and practices

    VMware wants on the Kubernetes bandwagon

    VMware may be late to the Kubernetes party, but its plan to roll native support into vSphere could be a game changer.