Hyper-V vs. VMware guide

This Hyper-V vs. VMware edition of our Virtualization School series will help you compare the two most popular platforms in the server virtualization market.

Hyper-V vs. VMware is a marketing battle between Microsoft and VMware, but it's also a debate taking place in more and more IT departments.

This Hyper-V vs. VMware guide, part of our Virtualization School series, provides an overview of VMware vSphere 4.1 and Microsoft Hyper-V R2 Service Pack 1, the two most popular platforms in the server virtualization market. Get an overview of their features and compare their costs and management capabilities, then test your knowledge with our brief quiz.

At the end of the Hyper-V vs. VMware guide, you'll find additional resources to help you make more informed decisions about the two platforms.

Virtualization School: Hyper-V vs. VMware guide

  • Lesson 1: Server virtualization platform comparison: Hyper-V vs. VMware
    By Colin Steele, Senior Site Editor

    In this server virtualization platform comparison, you'll get an overview of the VMware and Microsoft product lines. VMware's latest server virtualization platform is called vSphere 4.1, and its main components are the hypervisor -- ESX and its slimmed-down sibling, ESXi -- and the management software, vCenter Server. Microsoft offers Hyper-V either as a standalone product or bundled with Windows Server 2008, and the Microsoft System Center suite provides management. This tip also offers some background on the Hyper-V vs. VMware feud in the blogosphere.

  • Lesson 2: Hyper-V vs. VMware: Costs, features and management
    By Editors, SearchServerVirtualization.com

    This podcast answers frequently asked questions about the virtualization costs, features and management capabilities that factor into Hyper-V vs. VMware decisions. You'll learn how Microsoft became a serious challenger to VMware's dominance and find out how Hyper-V's features compare to vSphere's. This podcast also gets into the complexities of evaluating Hyper-V vs. VMware in terms of pricing.

  • Quiz: Hyper-V vs. VMware

    Once you've studied up on these two virtualization platforms, it's time to test your knowledge. This quiz asks you seven questions about the the features and management capabilities of Microsoft and VMware, as well as the Hyper-V vs. VMware marketing feud. Once you've submitted your answers, you'll find out how well you did and get links to additional Hyper-V vs. VMware resources.

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