New vSphere features in store

Details on new vSphere features are starting to trickle out. VMotion and Distributed Resource Scheduler will be enhanced in the next version of VMware vSphere.

Details of new vSphere features are emerging after VMware gave its partners a sneak preview of the next version of vSphere.

The preview came at the VMware Partner Exchange conference, where the vendor unveiled enhancements to VMotion and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS). One of the new vSphere features, Transparent Memory Compression, also debuted.

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This Week in Virtualization
The next version of vSphere will allow up to eight concurrent VMotions -- the current default is two -- and add I/O monitoring and controls to DRS. Transparent Memory Compression will make more memory available to virtual machines through the hypervisor.

VMware has not said what it will call the next version of vSphere or when the new vSphere features will be available.

In this edition of This Week in Virtualization, VMware vExpert David Davis calls in to discuss the new vSphere features and how they will benefit businesses. There is also news about the future of the VirtualBox hypervisor and two partnerships in the virtualization market: Microsoft-Red Hat and Citrix Systems-Novell.

Microsoft has released Hyper-V Linux Integration Components designed to make it easier to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Hyper-V. Previously, the components were only available for Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). And Citrix has certified SLES as the "perfect guest" operating system for XenServer.

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