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Virsto Hyper-V storage tool shows promise

Virsto Software announced its new Hyper-V storage tool this week. Plus: A new iSCSI SAN hits the virtualization market, and VMware teams up with Mitel on virtual VoIP.

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Virsto One, a new Microsoft Hyper-V storage tool, is showing early returns for users.

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This Week in Virtualization

Virsto Software announced the Hyper-V storage tool this week. Beta testers said the software, which installs into Hyper-V R2 as a filter driver, improves Hyper-V storage performance and will help reduce costs.

Virsto One aims to address the "I/O blender effect," which is a major storage issue for all virtualization platforms, not just Hyper-V storage. The "I/O blender effect" occurs when too many virtual machines send their I/O streams to the hypervisor for processing, which negatively affects performance.

Get the full rundown of the new Virsto Hyper-V storage tool in this episode of This Week in Virtualization. This newscast also covers news on Overland Storage and the partnership between VMware and Mitel.

Overland Storage this week announced a new iSCSI SAN for both VMware and Hyper-V storage. The Snap Server SAN S2000 marks Overland's attempt to reemerge in the virtualization storage market after it lost an OEM tape deal with Hewlett-Packard. More small and medium-sized businesses are considering iSCSI SANs for their virtualization storage needs.

And the partnership between VMware and Mitel on VoIP virtualization is starting to bear fruit. The companies announced that the Virtual Mitel Call Director, a virtualized call control server, is now available and in production at several companies -- a major step in the long, arduous process of virtualizing unified communications.

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