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Are vendors inflating virtualization capabilities?

This reader saw an article that said vendors make unrealistic virtualization claims. He wanted a second opinion from us. See what expert Serdar Yegulalp had to say.

Do you think vendors really exaggerate the number of virtual machines (VMs) you can run per server? This article at CIO India says they do.
It's entirely possible that a vendor can oversell the virtualization capacity of any given system. The capacity depends on two things: The amount of memory and CPU in the machine, and the types of servers being virtualized through it. If you have a single server with 2GB of memory you'll be able to do a better job virtualizing several legacy NT 3.51 system with 64MB each than you would Windows Server 2003 machines with 512MB each. This comes down to simple common sense and planning on the part of the admin creating the virtualization, though.

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