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Clarifying the virtualization discussion

Expert Scott Feuless answers a user question on which types of virtualization technologies he takes into account when speaking of virtualization.

When you refer to virtualization, are you speaking broadly about virtualization, taking into account technologies such as Scalent, Racemi and Cassatt, or are you primarily speaking of VM technologies like virtual machine monitor or VMware?

Well, first of all it's important to understand that my comments are based on what I've seen running out there in the real world on Compass studies. Right now that's mainly VMware and the virtualization provided by the various Unix vendors.

Secondly, my comments should be taken in the context of using virtualization as a tool for the consolidation of servers; though there is a lot of action in this area and the feature/function lists are growing quickly. Scalent, Racemi and Cassatt appear to be focusing on rapid server repurposing and management of virtual machines, something that would be complimentary to VMware for example. So while they are all related and interesting technologies, they are not really what I am referring to directly.

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