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Does Virtual Server have memory share capability?

Can Microsoft Virtual Server share memory like VMware? Serder Yegulap has the answer.

Does Microsoft Virtual Server have the ability to memory share like VMware? Example: If one Virtual Server virtual machine (VM) needs more memory than allocated, the host would share the memory from another VM. Another example is if VM one has 2GB allocated and is only using 768MB, and VM two has 2GB allocated and needs an additional 512MB, VM two would use the 512mb from VM one until VM one needs it back.
As far as I can tell, Microsoft Virtual Server doesn't support anything like this. Once you set the amount of memory allocated to a virtual machine, it cannot be changed unless the virtual machine is powered off. In Microsoft's Virtual Server 2005 R2 Technical Overview, there's the following statement about memory usage:
Memory over commit (page sharing) is not supported because of performance and reliability considerations. Memory size cannot be reconfigured while a virtual machine is running.

So, in short, it doesn't seem like this is possible in Microsoft Virtual Server.

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