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Finding VirtualCenter 2 log files

Can't find your VirtualCenter 2 files? Expert Andrew Kutz can. Read this response to find out where they reside on your machine.

I am having a problem getting the VirtualCenter 2 Management service to start. Where are its log files stored?
I also had trouble finding these logs. They are not in the VC2 installation directory or any of its sub-directories. They are not in
where the IIS and SMTP logs are. So where are they?

Curiously, the VC2 logs files are stored in

%SYSTEMROOT%\temp\vpx .
Just like the vpx daemon on an ESX 3 server, there are several log files and an index file. On VC2 the files are named vpxd-[0-9].log and there is also a file called vpxd-index that contains the index for which log file is currently active. For example, if vpxd-index contains 7 then the log file vpxd-7.log is the one currently being written to. Hope this helps!

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