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Help with Virtual-to-Physical (V2P) migrations

Accidently move a server to a virtual machine? Expert James Geis offers troubleshooting advice in this expert response.

Help! I moved a server to a virtual machine and I need to move it out.
My first question is: Why? What performance attributes is the server displaying, or what features or functions did you lose when you moved it into the virtual environment? In any case, the good news is that the same software that you used to migrate that machine into the virtual environment should be able to move it in the opposite direction as well. The "2" software has matured to a point that it can move servers in any and all directions: Physical to Virtual (P2V), Virtual to Virtual (V2V), Virtual to Physical (V2P), and Physical to Physical (P2P). The openness and portability of this entire environment has allowed for this software to have great power (and slight security risks) to move machines around. The ability to move a server off of a failing hardware platform or off of a platform tagged for upgrade or maintenance is a feature that is intrinsic to mature virtual server infrastructure software.

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