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How do I deploy a library server for SCVMM?

A library server will allow you to take advantage of SCVMM's features, but there are several factors to keep in mind when creating one.

A library share, hosted on a library server, stores items such as virtual hard disks, ISO images, scripts, VM templates and any VM you make available to the library server. Although System Center Virtual Machine Manager can function without a library server, in all likelihood, you will need one to make use of SCVMM's features. By default, the SCVMM server acts as a library server unless you have opted out during the standalone SCVMM installation. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deploying a library server.

Consider deploying a library server and one or more Hyper-V hosts on remote locations. Hosting a library server at a remote location will serve two purposes. Library files will be available to local users during a network outage. Local users can navigate resources in the library server hosted locally for rapid VM deployment rather than crossing the network boundaries.

Although you can always add a library server or share to an existing installation of SCVMM, keep in mind that each library server or share can be managed by only one SCVMM server. Microsoft has not specified the maximum number of library servers or shares you can add under SCVMM management.

If you plan to store VHDX files in a library server, the library server must use Windows Server 2012 or later operating systems.

SCVMM does not provide replication services to replicate library metadata and physical files. If you need to replicate physical files, you will need to use third-party replication services or develop your own script to copy files from one network location to another.

When you add a library server SCVMM installs a VMM agent on the library server, which allows the two servers to communicate. This communication takes place over SMB, so you must configure your firewall to allow SMB traffic between the SCVMM and library servers if you plan to install a separate library server.

By default, during a standalone installation of SCVMM, a default library share is created named MSSCVMMLibrary. It is important to note that you cannot create a library share when installing SCVMM in a high availability environment.

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