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Installing VMs and operating systems on SCSI external physical disks in Virtual Server

Site expert Anil Desai answers a user question about installing VMs on SCSI external physical disks in Virtual Server.

VMware allows you to install a virtual machine and operating system on an external physical disk. Is this possible on Virtual Server? If so, how? It seems that Virtual Server will allow you to make a virtual copy of an external SCSI disk drive, but not allow you to load and run the OS on an external SCSI physical disk.

Virtual Server allows you to use VHDs that are stored on any device that supports the NTFS file system. If you have created a VHD on an external SCSI disk, you can attach it to the VM. Keep in mind that the VHD can be attached to the VMs IDE or SCSI channel – it doesn't matter where the file is stored on the host file system. In fact, you can even launch VMs that use VHDs that are located on a network share. If you want to convert an entire disk, use the "Linked Hard Disk" feature in the Virtual Server Administration Web site. It will allow you to access the raw contents of the disk for the purpose of conversion.

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