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Is there common ground between service-oriented architecture and virtualization?

Do SOA and virtualization have anything in common? Find out in this response from expert Andrew Kutz.

Is there common ground between service-oriented architecture and virtualization?

Absolutely, but not how you may think. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is nothing more than a buzz word that abstracts all of computing. You see, every piece of computing equipment in the world is SOA. From every last logic board to every single bit that makes up a piece of software -- it is all providing a service. The thousands, if not millions, of computers that make up the SETI project service the search for extra-terrestrial life. The ARM processor in the upcoming iPhone will service the owner of the next "must-have" gadget. OS X services the artists, Linux services the geeks, Windows services the businesses, and virtualization can service us all.

Virtualization is just another technology that we will be able to utilize. Virtualization will serve us, and we will be able to use it in order to service everyone one else.

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