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Misconfigured HA agent troubleshooting

Recieving messages that your HA agent is misconfigured in your virtual environment? Expert Andrew Kutz offers some solutions in this expert response.

VirtualCenter keeps telling me that the HA agent is misconfigured on two of my ESX servers. What is wrong?

Well, the first thing to try in these instances is reconfiguring the HA agent by right-clicking on the ESX host in VirtualCenter and clicking "Reconfigure HA." If this doesn't work, try removing the ESX servers from VirtualCenter and then re-adding them. If this still doesn't work, from what I have seen you have two options: 1) reinstall ESX, or 2) stop fearing text mode and learning to love the console!

The reason options 1 or 2 are necessary is because you most likely entered the wrong host name when configuring the server upon installation. I have done this myself. If you check the Tasks and Events log repository for the ESX server that is throwing the HA error "hostipaddrsdiffer:cmd remove failed ft_guesthostbyname and hostname - i return different addresses and". This error is occurring because the 'hostname' returns the incorrect host name which appears to then be used by 'ft_gethostbyname' to get the internet protocol (IP) address from one of the ESX server's domain name service (DNS) servers. However, the IP address returned does not match the IP address the ESX server is configured with. This causes HA to be misconfigured, hence the warning.

The solution is to change the host name of the ESX server to the correct value. This value has to be set in three files: P>/etc/hosts

Replace all instances of the incorrect host name with the correct value, reboot the server, and presto, no more HA warnings. One caveat, if you have configured iSCSI adapters then you may need to reconfigure them since the initiator name that is created is created with the host name of the server.

Hope this helps!

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