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Problems with Virtual Machine Remote Control clients

Is your remote machine performance lagging when you try to use a Virtual Server Virtual Machine Remote Control client? Expert Serdar Yegulalp offers a better way.

Whenever I use Virtual Server's Virtual Machine Remote Control clients, I have a number of problems with the remote machine lagging or repeating keystrokes or not responding to mouse movements. What can I do about this?

The VMRC client is only one of several possible ways you could connect to a virtual machine. My personal favorite way to do this is just to set up a remote desktop client (RDC) connection, which is built into Windows and works as transparently with virtual servers as it does with a real remote computer. VMRC uses its own protocol which is deliberately distinct from RDC, and which has been engineered to allow multiple users to connect to the same virtual machine transparently. If you're only using one connection at a time to administer virtual machines, use RDC instead; it'll be a little smoother.

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