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Retrieving VirtualCenter performance data

Grabbing performance data after an upgrade in VirtualCenter can be a struggle, but expert Andrew Kutz shows how it can be done in this expert response.

I've recently upgraded my VirtualCenter server from 1.4 to 2.0 and now my new Virtual Infrastructure client tells me that it cannot retrieve any performance data for my Virtual Machines. Help!

Ugh. I know how you feel because the exact same thing happened to me.

This is actually a known bug that occurs as part of the VC (virtual center) database upgrade process, but fear not, there is a fix. You have to run a SQL UPDATE statement on the VirtualCenter. This fix is found in a VMware KB article.

By the way, here is a freebie. After you get this fix applied, you may find that you cannot see historical performance data. There seems to be a rather wide-spread problem with VirtualCenter 2 where only the real-time performance data is available. There is a lengthy discussion on the VMware forums dealing with this issue.

There is an upcoming patch from VMware that will increment VirtualCenter to version 2.0.1 and fix this issue. In the meantime there are a combination of temporary fixes that users have come up with.

The first fix is to increase the number of threads used to collect data from 1 to 16. This is accomplished by going to to the menu Administration-->Server Settings-->Statistics and change the "Statistics collection thread limit" to 16.

The second fix is leaving a Virtual Infrastructure client open and connected to the VirtualCenter Management Server at all times. Users have reported that performance data continues to be collected if there is a connected client at the time.

Until 2.0.1 comes out, I hope this helps!

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